Thank you to my friends who marched

Thank you to my friends who marched all over the country today. I saw friends’ posts from Halifax, Fredericton, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

I didn’t march….spent the day sick on the couch. But now I wish I had.

When Trump was first elected I thought, why protest? This is how democracy works, the people have spoken. But as we neared closer to inauguration it was clear that there are still reasons to speak up and out. And today, Day 2 of this Presidency and words like climate change and LGBT have been wiped from the White House’s website… I believe we are seeing the true colours and intentions of this President and his colleagues. I am now more aware that this American administration is more dangerous than I had imagined.

Two of my favourite speeches from the Women’s March on Washington came from American actresses / activists America Ferrera and Ashley Judd.

America Ferrera’s speech at “Women’s March” In Washington DC:

Ashley Judd passionately recites Nina Donovan’s “I Am A Nasty Woman” poem:

By marching in solidarity across the world, women today sent strong and clear messages to our own political parties and administrators. I was moved and motivated as I followed from home. Next time however, I promise I too will be there to march with you.


*illustration by Audrey Malo


One comment

  1. Mary Trafford · January 22, 2017

    Beautiful message and encouraging for those of us who, like you, could not participate in the March today. While many hoped for the best, even the earliest actions of this new government speak for themselves. Equality is never a given; we must remain vigilant and be ready to stand up for justice. Our earth is our fragile home and we must care for it. We must not be discouraged or made fearful. Now more than ever, we must be strong, clear and motivated by love, not hate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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