Thank you snapchat and other stuff


One word but two meanings:  to be thankful for what you have received and to actively give thanks.

This year, amidst a whole bunch of challenges, I still find myself thankful for so much.

After a very busy month at work and at home, I find myself thoughtful on this quiet Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps it’s that I’ve finally sat and allowed my mind to wander a bit.

At this very moment I am in the midst of baking something to bring to our good friends’ home for dinner tonight. That is something I am very thankful for – good friends to spend holidays and birthdays and special moments with.


Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with 20 or so friends, including my parents. It was a super fun night – we went axe throwing at a local establishment. It was quite special for me as it was the first time since moving to Ottawa that my husband and I had brought together our friends. How thankful I am to now have family and friends living in the same place as us. I’ve said this before, so bear with me: while moving to Ottawa was full of challenges it was 100% worth it.


Regularly I now receive fun snapchat messages from my brother. Since the summer when we both joined we’ve been sharing crazy silly snaps with each other. The best part for me is that I get to see my nieces and nephew at home and in the moment. This is a great blessing seeing as we live three provinces apart.


Earlier this week I was asked to contribute once again to the magazine Plenty. This time I wrote about something a little more personal than usual – managing and living with psoriasis. I am so thankful for the opportunity to contribute to this online publication. I somehow feel a bit like I’ve fooled them into thinking I’m witty and smart enough for their site…so it is indeed nice that they have invited me back on more than one occasion.

There are times when we all feel that there is more bad than good happening around us. Thanksgiving seems to always be a great time to reflect on this. Taking stock of what I am thankful for helps to keep all of the other stuff more balanced.

Happy thanksgiving to you – and may you have a moment where you too can reflect on the good in your life.


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