The year of the adult

This time last year I was sitting down to write my first blog entry. Little did I know it would write so few over this past year! (Note to self – get your butt to the computer more often!)

On the eve of my 38th birthday, I am reminiscing about all of the things that happened this past year. As most years, it was full of ups and downs. However, what is clearer now than ever before, is that this life stuff is getting real.

And by real, I mean it is getting harder. Decisions are harder, consequences to decisions are harder and life events taking place are way harder. It’s not to say that these things aren’t good, or well worth it, but they are definitely a big smack of adult.

If I think about what year 37 was most like, it was very grown-up. There were the usual nuptials of loved ones and the birth of beautiful brand spanking new humans. But it also included the unexpected passing of loved ones, some close to me and others dear to friends and family. There was fear of illness and unexpected job loss, the stress and relief of finally selling our home, and the excitement of new jobs and opportunity.

All in all, 37 was a good year. But it was a definitely a move in the direction of indeterminate grown-up.

Below is a collection of some of my favourite memories from the past year – twelve pictures to sum up a year that was full of love, loss and great big challenges. Ok 38 – I’m ready for what’s next!

  1. My cousin’s wedding
  2. A visit with a long-time friend
  3. Celebration of life event with by BFF
  4. Selling our home (after 33 months…)
  5. Reading a Christmas book to my nephew and nieces over Skype
  6. A weekend away just for me in Toronto (including two days of being sick on another BFF’s couch…)
  7. Surprise birthday tickets to see what ended up being the worst concert ever (Meatloaf!)
  8. Becoming a God-Mother to a very special little man
  9. Finally seeing my first Pearl Jam concert
  10. Passing the torch – stepping down from the Renfrew County United Way BOD and joining the Ottawa one
  11. Reconnecting with a friend that I met at a conference almost 9 years later
  12. Two wonderful weeks of vacation with family and friends in NB

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